About us

About us


Jugendwerk der AWO Württemberg e.V

The JW is the non-profit youth branch of AWO, in Württemberg e.V, and it is recognized as the holder of the free welfare care according to § 75 KJHG. It focuses mostly on summer camps, international and intercultural youth work as well as on seminars and education work. Each year, about 40 national and international summer camps are offered to children and young people, over 10 international youth exchanges and work camps, as well as about 35 training seminars for young adults. In addition, there are local projects, some of them on intercultural level, such as “Active Culture”, projects and initiatives for-and-with refugees, such as “VIP-Welcome in our Community”, “SMILE” and the “Without Borders” as well as the project “MOVE”. All projects, summer camps and youth exchanges are planned, prepared and carried out by the teams of volunteers, with great emphasis on training and further educating them, all that coordinated by the professionals.



About the project 
Refugees have often difficulties integrating into society and lack the possibility of showing their talents and interests to the community. Due to low financial resources and language barriers they face problems such as taking part in various activities organized by the local community, having a clear overview of their chances spending their leisure time and meeting local people. On the other hand many people living in Germany have fear of any contact with refugees, due to cultural barriers or lack of empathy towards people with a refugee background. The name of the project is MOVE and it has engaged young people with and without refugee back-ground in creating this city guide. It provides a fairly easy and practical navigation in the region of Stuttgart as well as some information about engagement opportunities, excursions, in-formation about cultural and religious festival and how to get in contact and network with other youngsters.

Das Projekt wird unterstützt vom Ministerium für Arbeit und Sozialordnung, Familie, Frauen und Senioren aus Mitteln des Landes Baden-Württemberg im Rahmen des:



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